August 11, 2016

From taking a stroll in winding lanes filled with lovely furniture to gobbling down Swedish meatballs, everyone loves taking a visit IKEA every now and then. And with the release of their 2017 catalogue, there’s even more reason to head down to the Swedish furniture giant! To make your life easier, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list down the coolest collections to check out, lest you miss out on it.


Saying that something has a modern twist comes off as a little cheesy these days, but somehow, this notion doesn’t apply to IKEA. Their SÄLLSKAP collection takes inspiration from 19th and 20th century Scandinavian art, and combines beautiful aesthetics with great functionality. In this collection, customers can look forward to furniture pieces that also act as a storage units, quirky lamps, colourful textiles, and dinnerware with minimalist compositions, all designed with the idea of bringing out Swedish traditions, and infusing it with contemporary touches.


Home of the mandala, rangoli, and Holi festival, there’s really no better place to experience vivid colours than in India. However, IKEA designer Martin Bergström wanted to switch things up a little, and feature a different side of the country with his SVÄRTAN collection. So he, along with a bunch of Indian fashion students, came up with a collection that is the total anarchist of traditional Indian colours. Think textiles, glassware, ceramics, metal objects, and bed linen that only come in black, white and grey.

POÄNG 40th

POÄNG 40th
One of IKEA’s classics, the POÄNG armchair was designed by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura some 40 years ago, and for 2017’s collection, the Swedish furniture giant will be introducing an additional new frame and six different colours to the existing variety of frame plus cushion combinations. Now how’s that for celebrating four decades of being in the market?

SLADDA Bicycle

Sladda bicycle
We’re always down for anything that’s environmentally friendly, and that includes this new bicycle from IKEA. Titled the “SLADDA Bicycle”, this sweet-looking two-wheeler comes in a clean design that definitely connects with our minimalist sensibilities. After all, it didn’t snag a Red Dot Design Award for nothing. Specs-wise, the bike chain isn’t of the typical metal variety. Instead, the chain is made out of rubber, making it rust and oil-free. There’s also a ‘click system’ for you to attach accessories like trailers or a basket. Perfect if you’ve got loads of stuff to carry along with you.

Sladda Bicycle
IKEA’s catalogue will be out on 25th August 2016. Click here to visit their website for more information.