August 3, 2016

With Suicide Squad dropping tomorrow, we’re more than excited to jump on the bandwagon and begin discussing the comic book characters starring in this highly anticipated DC blockbuster. As much as we can’t wait to hop into theatres to see bad superhumans go on some not-so-bad quest, we’d first like to look at the main star of the show; that’s right – the ladies.

We know, we know, Halloween is still a couple of months away. And we can already foresee countless Suicide Squad costumes this year (we called it here first, folks). But here’s a guide on how your wardrobe can be influenced by your favourite villainess, and how you can pull it off subtly so.

Harley Quinn


Everyone’s favourite female villain – lets face it, we’re all excited for the film because of her – is most notable for her half-pink-half-blue locks. Her deranged exterior encompasses the slightly peculiar story on how she fell in love with The Joker, which in turn destroyed her initial persona as his psychiatrist. We’d love to see how Daddy’s Lil Monster wreaks havoc among the team with her offbeat and fun-loving personality. Oh Harley, you never really know how to make a good first impression, do you?

Graphic/Retro Tops

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.37.19 PM 3969190429_2_2_3 9244386250_2_4_2

     L – R: Omighty Darlin’ bralette, US$42; Bershka Retro Sports Top,$19.90; Pull&Bear Patches Bodysuit, $19.90.


Bomber Jackets

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L – R: Zara Metallic Bomber Jacket, $139; Topshop Satin Bomber Jacket,$116; Ballpark Satin Bomber Jacket,$126.


Statement Shorts

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L – R: NastyGal Ride or Tie Dye Shorts, $69; The Ragged Priest Shorts, $119.55, available at ASOS; Pull&Bear Printed Shorts, $69.90.





Arguably the most powerful addition to the team, – well, she is a witch after all – the Enchantress’ massive abilities put all other superheroes and villains to shame. We’ve already caught glimpses of the talented Cara Delevingne in the film, and all we can say is that we’re expecting a captivating performance form her. From looks itself, we’re enthralled the moment the screen flashes to her. She’s dressed with statement metallic accessories and of course, that headgear.

Choker Necklaces and Body Chains

TS61T11JBGE_Zoom_F_1 TS61T58JSLV_Zoom_F_1 image3xxl (1) image3xxl

L – R: Topshop Suede Choker, $33.90; Topshop Tassel Choker, $33.90; ASOS  Bodychain, $26.10; ASOS Festival Bodychain,$26.10.



image1xxl (1) image1xxl (2)

L – R: DesignB London Coin Headband, $26.10, available at ASOS; ASOS Limited Edition Honeycomb Headband, $17.40.


Metallic dresses

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L – R: NastyGal Plunging Dress, $37; Topshop Metallic Slip Dress, $96.90; NastyGal Oh My Love Maxi Dress, $83.




Probably one of the only few good guys in the squad, we can’t possible leave this master swordswomen out. Especially not when her backstory serves to be tragically heart-wrenching. Born as Tats Yamashiro, she lost her husband to the blade of a jealous brother-in-law, which resulted in the death of both her children. She claimed the soul-capturing blade for herself, and it has remained her signature weapon. You wouldn’t want to mess with this highly skilled, no-nonsense swordswoman.

Embroidered Jackets

image1xxl (3) 4043083800_2_1_1 70328.3.zoom

L – R: New Look Embroidered Back Jacket, $76; ZARA Embroidered Bomber Jacket, $139; NastyGal Motel Bomber Jacket, $141.



image1xxl (4) TS27A16JBLK_Large_M_2 Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 3.40.41 PM

L – R: ASOS Leather Joggers, $76; Topshop Leather Mini Skirt, $196; Stradivarius Leather Sarong Skirt, $45.90.