August 4, 2016

While there’s no denying that balanced meals are ideal for our health, sometimes, it’s just nice to take a step back to gorge ourselves silly, especially if it concerns meat. Dining at Oxwell & Co is perfect for doing exactly just that.

The mains on their new weekend roast menu features five different types of meat delights, including a Pan-Roasted Grouper ($32), Roast Free-roam Chicken Breast ($36), Welsh Shoulder of Lamb ($38), 150 Day Grain-fed Onglet Roast, and a Grass-fed Prime Rib on the Bone ($16/100g). Even the starters are meat-friendly, with a Beef Tartare ($18), Char-grilled Whole Quail ($19), and Smoked Haddock ($22) to get your appetite revved up.

Oxwell & Co Weekend Roast Menu

Grass-fed Prime Rib on the Bone

Our favorite out of the lot though, has to be the prime rib. Succulent and juicy, each individual slab of roast beef had this delicious gamey flavour that wasn’t too overpowering or sickening to the palate. The edges of its skin were crisp and charred, while there was a good amount of moisture retained in the flesh. Our only gripe would be that some parts of the meat were inconsistent in texture. But with such a large amount of meat being cooked, that’s forgivable.

If you’re in a big group or you can’t decide on which meat to go for, do try out the Sharing Meat Platter ($75/110). It consists of chicken, beef and lamb with Yorkers roast spuds and gravy. Diners also need not worry about missing out on their veggies. There’s Brussels Sprouts & Smoked Bacon ($8/16), Roasted Sweet Carrots ($8/16), Roast Potatoes ($7/14) and a Pear & Stilton Salad ($6/12) to go for.

Brussels Sprouts Oxwell & Co

Brussels Sprouts & Smoked Bacon

Our recommendation? The brussels sprouts, for sure. Adequately salty and smoky, with a tinge of buttery goodness, the brussels sprouts were a great way to cleanse the palate after eating all that meat. If anything, there were also chewy smoked bacon bits to enjoy! The carrots were delectably sweet, but alas, they were slightly too buttery, if not we might have chosen them as our number one veggie dish.

Overall, Oxwell & Co’s latest weekend roast menu is a great excuse to put that diet on hold and indulge in some meaty goodness. If you can’t bring yourself to do that, we don’t blame you, it’s a lot of meat to take in at the end of the day. But if you’re in a ravenous mode and you’ve got a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to kill, you know where to head.

Oxwell & Co’s Weekend Roast Menu is available every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.