August 17, 2016

We literally cannot get enough of this glorious meme that has been circulating the internet:



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Jared Leto looking like a kid who had just discovered Willy Wonka’s factory is just what everybody needs to turn the worst possible day back around. But all jokes aside, we think our newest Joker is not all that insane when it comes to fashion. Step back boys, we may be dealing with a genius here.


Jared Leto recently collaborated with Carrera Eyewear, permeating their catalogue with shots of this hunky American heartthrob. Any fan of these smart Italian eyewear brand knows how big of a deal this is.



The Maverick Collection features 12 classy designs of shades and 3 opticals, all of which are sleek, contemporary and employ intricate laser-cutting technique to achieve its thin and featherlight quality. With frames such as the cat-eye and pilot, we can already guess how quickly these puppies will sell out. We must say, Leto’s cheekbones were basically designed to make sunglasses look good.
Carrera The Maverick Collection, $221 to $252. Available for pre-order at

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