Mr. Robot Hacking Game App

August 31, 2016

If you loved following the adventures of super hacker Elliot Alderson in the hit TV series Mr. Robot, then you’re probably going to be hooked on this mobile game that’ll immerse you in his neurotic, cyber-destroying world.

Titled Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n, the game is set in the show’s first season, between episodes 5 to 6, and in it, you are a random person who either finds or steals a mobile phone. Sounds innocuous enough right? Well, it is. Till you discover that the phone belongs to a member of the infamous hacktivist group fsociety, and that’s where things begin to get interesting.

fsociety Mr Robot

The gameplay is entirely text-based, which is honestly a lot more fun than it sounds because you’re actually ‘communicating’ with the show’s characters, like Darlene and Elliot. So when the game kicks off proper, you’ll get swarmed with numerous texts from them and random people, and how you answer these texts, will determine the direction the game will take you.

Mr Robot Text

Mr Robot Text Hack

The situations you face at first are fairly harmless. For example, one challenge requires you to extract a password from a low-level E Corp employee. Sweet-talking her into giving it to you will do the trick. However, things progressively get darker as the game goes on, and soon, you’ll be traversing in the realms of blackmail and manipulation, which morally isn’t quite right of course. That’s what the game is all about though: screwing with other people through technological means.

“It’s an adventure game you play entirely through the guise of texting, so you get to mess with people and ruin relationships and destroy some lives and help characters on the show perform the BIGGEST HACK OF ALL TIME,” wrote Adam Hines, co-founder of Nightschool Studios, on his company’s page.

Mr. Robot E Corp

What makes this game unique is that it’s basically just a separate texting app. Plus, the storyline itself is constructed to last only seven days, although you could easily finish it in three to four days if you really wanted to.

So will this game help you enjoy Mr. Robot’s TV series even more? It probably wouldn’t. But it’s no doubt a great way to have a better understanding of your favourite characters and how they operate in the grim, shadowy world of hacktivism.

Download Mr. Robot: 1.51exfiltrati0n from the Google Play Store and iTunes.