Marks & Spencers Wheelock Place Café

August 30, 2016

Taking a trip down to Marks & Spencer is going to get a whole lot more exciting for shoppers from 2 September onwards, because the British retail giant will be opening a brand-new, 60-seater café at their Wheelock Place flagship store, with items like drinks, snacks and hot meals on the menu.

The new café will be Marks & Spencer’s first ever table-service F&B venture, which is pretty huge considering that the company has over 1,300 stores worldwide. At the café, customers can look forward to stuffing themselves silly with all kinds of comfort food.

For instance there’ll be Indian curries, pastas, pizzas and a variety of salads and sandwiches to whet your appetite, as well as sweet treats like ice cream and cake to enjoy. There’s also a nod of recognition to Marks & Spencer’s British roots with goodies like Fish & Chips and afternoon tea sets!

Fish & Chips, Marks & Spencer

Fish & Chips ($14.90)

Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel, Marks & Spencer

Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel ($9.90)

Afternoon Hi-Tea set for 2, Marks & Spencer

Afternoon Tea Set for 2 ($29.90)

If you loved Marks & Spencer’s selection of food products before, be prepared to love the new selection even more. The existing Food Hall at Wheelock Place will be stocked with a raft of over 600 new chilled food products, with soups, salads, cheeses, dips, fruits and vegetables all on offer.

Those with a sweet tooth can also pamper themselves with cheesecakes, yoghurts and puddings! What makes this even more special is that the Wheelock outlet will be the only store outside of Hong Kong to offer this mega range of products.

Ms. Christine Choi, CEO, Marks & Spencer, Singapore & Malaysia, said: “From our Singapore customers’ must-have favourites, such as wines, chocolates and our bakery range, M&S Food is continuing to increase in popularity in Singapore. With the arrival of chilled food and our first M&S Café at Wheelock Place, we’re firmly putting M&S Food on the map as the must-go destination for food lovers in Singapore.”

Whether Marks & Spencer becomes THE must-go destination for food lovers in Singapore remains to be seen. But there’s no denying that it’s going to be a hell lot more fun visiting Wheelock Place from now on.

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