August 25, 2016

Those familiar with the Nintendo version of Pokémon would remember this: how elusive it is to come across a shiny Pokémon, apparently a 1 in 8192 chance, that feeling when you finally chance upon it in the wild, and that mix of excitement to catch it as well as the real fear of it running away from you, never to be seen again. If that sounds familiar, you already have an edge over all those crazy Pokémon Go casuals all over the streets these days — I mean, that’s a real thing to go crazy about! Not some 49CP Blastoise (which you’ll still catch anyway).

We’re definitely just a little obsessed about the Japanese pocket monsters these days, but it’s really hard to call them that in the face of one of the cutest critters in the first gen game: eevee. A wide-eyed, adorable little fella that has multiple powerful evolutions — we’ve already seen three in the current mobile game, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon, but if you count the entire universe, there are way more “eeveelutions” out there, a total of 9 different types!


elemental2-400x400         elemental1-400x400


Shiro Cosmetics understands the hype, and has successfully managed to create 9 Eevee-themed highlighters so you can finally catch that elusive shiny you need. The indie cosmetics company has previously come up with fandom-based collections including the likes of LoTR, Studio Ghibli, Harry Potter, but this has to be their most timely collection yet. Way to play into our pop culture hearts. Called “Elemental Glows”, there are 9 different cream highlighters tied to each Eevee type, while the makeup is supposed to give “a subtle, long-lasting glow without ever feeling heavy or greasy”.


vaporous3 vaporous1 pyro3 pyro1


The cover art on the packaging, by Daisy Dee, is just as gorgeous, both cute and cult-worthy at the same time. Of course, each highlighter corresponds to the Eeveelutions they’re named after — when in the case, the colours for “Vaporous” (Vaporeon), “Jolted” (Jolteon) and “Pyro” (Flareon) do come off a bit intense, but go ahead and swirl your brush in it before lightly dabbing it on the high points of your face; you should get a luminous wash of glow that corresponds to their respective colours and elements, namely water, fire and electricity.


jolted3 jolted1 eon3 eon1

“Eon” (Eevee) is meant to give off a bronzy glow that makes it look like you have golden sun-kissed skin. The cream highlighters are best applied lightly with dry fingertips over moisturized skin or liquid/cream foundations, not powder ones.


glacial3 glacial1 sylphid3 sylphid1


Our favourites though are really “Glacial” (Glaceon) and “Sylphid” (Sylveon). The former accurately gives off the vibes of the powerful ice-type Pokémon, with a frosty sheen that will put Queen Elsa to shame, and for the latter, it’s described as a “soft rosy blush pink”, though it looks the most ethereal to us, like a gorgeous and subtle shade of rose gold on your face.

Head over to their website to look at the exact swatches before investing your USD12 into a single shade — though really, why hesitate? They look so good, and so on point, that you, well, gotta catch ’em all.

Shiro Cosmetics Eevee-Themed “Elemental Glows” Cream Highlighters, USD12, available online at