August 26, 2016

We know she’s pulled off really outlandish looks on the red carpet before (enough with the omelette and Patrick Star memes, guys), but we can’t seem to look away whenever Rihanna hits the streets with yet another snazzy ensemble. We can’t seem to keep up with her fur boas and slouchy “off-duty” get-ups. Time to replace the bucket of drool we’ve got over here with an empty one, we’re tracking down every single crowd stunner riri has donned thus far.


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Rihanna might have stopped a few cars when she emerged wearing a billowing tiled kaftan maxi from Dolce and Gabanna. May we also add, we’ve gotten hooked onto all things furry after fervently obsessing over that graphic handbag she’s carrying.

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We look to Rihanna for guidance whenever we are in doubt. So when she told us that it was cool to be seen in head-to-toe pastels, you’d better trust that our wish lists were dominated by soft hued ensembles for the longest time.


Patent leather is one of fall’s hottest trends, but we caught our first glimpse of it on Rihanna. From slick, subversive trench coats to knee-high boots – the glossier, the better.



There is no such phrase as “too much” in Rihanna’s vocabulary for sure. Our eyes are darting everywhere here, from the Louis Vuitton carry-on, to the fur coat accented with studs. Yet, she still manages to pull it off without overwhelming us. Now that takes true skill, our friends.


It seems as if the pop starlet’s trying her best to diversify her looks with all the colours of the rainbow. We’ve never seen anyone rock robin egg blue as well as Rihanna did with this floor-skimming leather-like Balmain dress.


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Yup, another fur boa. We’ve gotten your message riri, we know we need one of those as well.


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We’ve heard of thigh-highs, and thats the highest point in which boots have ever climbed their way up to. Rihanna’s made her mark with a solid “hip-high” pair of neon orange kicks this time. They were right when they said that orange is the new black.



 We need a tip or two on how NOT to look like we’re drowning in a potato sack when we try to look effortless in pulling off the oversized, baggy-everything look. Some outfits are just better off left alone solely for the Queen of Style to dominate.



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Whoever said denim-against-denim was a no-go, you’ve been prove wrong.

Cover image from @badgirlriri’s Instagram.