August 8, 2016

In light of Singapore’s birthday month, we’ve shifted our focus to all things homegrown in order to channel some local pride for our country’s 51st. Tangs seems to be on the same page as us as well, curating an assortment of Made In Singapore goodies to celebrate the national month.

SINGAPORE ICONS - TEMBUSU (SET)Concreate_House Magnet_002

Singapore’s most beloved shopping destination aims to inspire shoppers with local produce and creative knick knacks in a pensive attempt to champion our local talents. We’re always up for supporting our fellow sunny islanders! This includes Supermama’s clean and organic bowls depicting a collection of landscapes, cultures, and defining moments from our nation’s 51 years of independence, as well as a series of hand-crafted concrete lifestyle essentials by Concreate.

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Be sure to look out for Andrew Loh’s Nocturne Stacking Stool & Green Wall, an array of cute Paper-mâché owl figurines on stacked stools. The owls are regarded as a local lucky charm, which also adds a punch to the decor of your homes and offices. Another one of our favourites is the Solaris Lamp by Creativeans, a lamp which can turn into a heater and warm up your food at your desk while you’re at work. Now how handy does that sound?

LOCAL GROWN, TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 4.
Available from now till 17 Aug 2016.