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August 30, 2016

To be honest, our nail art skills hardly go beyond messy polka dots and amateurish stripes. We guess we don’t have the patience nor the careful hands, so we’ll leave it to the experts to do it for us at the nail salon.

In the meantime, we’re also getting inspired by these seriously amazing videos by Russian nail art expert Sveta Sanders, who’s amassed quite an Instagram following for her pics of her nail masterpieces.


But as you scroll through Sanders’ colourful feed, you’ll notice that she includes quick videos that serve as easy-to-follow tutorials on how to nail the designs, should you be game to try. And even with Instagram’s 1-minute limit for videos, she manages to make the steps seem straightforward enough that we’re inspired to want to try it out ourselves. Or just bring the video to our manicurist.


🎥 video tutorial #MagneticPolish + #BlackPolish = #DryMarbleNails Music: Marlone Roudette – When the beat drops out

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Main image: Instagram @sveta_sanders