The Lomo’Instant Milano Camera is Simply Bellissimo

Despite all of humanity’s technological advancements, there’s a certain charm when it comes to instant cameras. Perhaps it’s their gorgeously sleek designs, or maybe it’s just the concept of using one – receiving beautiful, printed photos in a jiffy. Who doesn’t love that?
Whatever the case is; the release of new instant cameras always get us fired up, and the latest one to do so is Lomography’s Lomo’Instant Milano Edition.
Inspired by the Italian fashion capital of Milan, Lomography’s latest product is a symbol of aesthetic excellence. Pastel shades of pink and green envelop the camera’s petite frame, while an eye-catching monochrome colour scheme completes the rest of the design. No kidding, these lomographers sure know how to take pictures in style.

Lomo'Instant Milano Camera

In terms of specs, the camera packs a punch too. Instant photography lovers can look forward to functions such as unlimited multiple exposures, a built-in wide angle lens with additional fisheye, close up and portrait lenses, as well as colour flash gels in red, blue, purple and yellow. If you want to take things further, there’s also a tripod mount for getting those really tricky shots right.
All in all, Lomography’s latest product is a lovely marriage between style and substance. While we may depend on our camera phones for everyday picture taking, there’s no denying that memories are better reminisced about in printed, rather than pixel form.
The Lomo’ Instant Milano is retailing at $188. Available at Lomography’s online store!