August 10, 2016

We understand what it must be like to go a little bridezilla-esque nuts when it comes to your own wedding. And if you’re like us, you’ll find those hours spent crying over the wrong colour of invites futile when you hear envious gasps while walking down the aisle. That’s right people, we’ll gladly turn all our attention to the wedding dress – but more specifically in this article, the top 5 most gorgeous gowns we’ve ever seen from our favourite celebrities.

Ciara – Roberto Cavalli

We really should have caught on earlier to the fact that the word ‘Princess’ is in Ciara’s name, maybe then we wouldn’t have been that surprised when the beautiful starlet graced through her wedding day looking as though she had just stepped out of a fairytale. We’re big fans when it comes to voluminous gowns and long trains (honestly guys, who doesn’t want to feel like royalty on their big day?) but zooming in on the details, we’ve got to say that the stunning embroidery truly stole the show. The element of wheat motif embroidery – a symbol of prosperity and happiness – ran through the length of Ciara’s trousseau, which we felt was a really heart-warming gesture on the designer’s part.

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Molly Fishkin – The Olsen Twins

We’re honestly so jealous right now. Can we just say that Mary-Kate and Ashley ravishingly pulled off their first ever attempt at designing a wedding dress? Well okay, that would be an understatement. Just look at how radiant the blushing bride looks in this scallop-trimmed neckline head-to-toe lace gown. The bell sleeves, undeniably, is the most striking detail of the gown. The twins, who grew up closely with the stylist, jumped at the opportunity of designing her wedding dress the moment they heard of her engagement. But we’re guessing that we aren’t the only ones wishing for them to venture into wedding couture more often. On another note, we’d love to be childhood friends with the Olsen twins too. Where can we sign up?

molly-fishkin-wedding-04_165147444277 molly-fishkin-wedding-09_165153841098 Molly-Fishkin-Asher-Levin-Wedding (1)

Kim Kardashian – Givenchy

Nevermind the fact that Kimye’s wedding was billed as ‘the wedding of the year’,  Kim’s dress by itself was enough to triumph over any other A-lister’s wedding. We’re trying our best to ignore the fact that the King and Queen of pop stardom spent 4 days prepping and editing the Instagram photo of their wedding kiss, and focus on how spectacular Kim really looked it her sheer-back, tight framed custom-made Givenchy creation. There is no simply no comparison here, Kim now owns the world of sweetheart tables, embossed place cards and tussie-mussies with this one ground-breaking ensemble which exclusively to her, screams sex appeal.

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Solange Knowles – Kenzo

It must be tough to always be referred to as ‘Beyonce’s younger sister’ despite having carved out a remarkable career for herself. And that’s why we practically gave Solange Knowles a standing ovation two years ago when she emerged sleek and elegant in a stunning Kenzo gown. That was a clear indicator that more than one star runs in the Knowles household, as her impeccable look paired with gold cuffs earned her a reputable laid-back sensibility. It was about time the equally dazzling sister stepped out of Queen Bey’s shadow!

solange-knowles-alan-ferguson-wedding-dress-3 Image by Rog Walker

Angelina Jolie – Versace

What’s not to love about a gorgeous humanitarian worker and social activist like Angelina Jolie herself? But no one can really match the amount of love Angelina’s kids share for their remarkable mother, especially after an endearing display of affection which came in the form of their doodles on her dress. We heard nothing but ‘awww‘s and ‘oooh‘s when Angie appeared on the cover of People magazine in 2014, looking nothing less than phenomenal in a dress hand-stitched by tailor Luigi Massi, and covered with her children’s doodles. The children, whom Brad and Angelina wanted to be largely involved in their big day (seriously, we’re in tears right now), thoughtfully drew airplanes and motorbikes – Angie and Brad’s respective passions – quirky monsters, and even an adorable family portrait of all of them together. We think its time to cue the ‘awww‘s once again.

angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-wedding-7 angelina-jolie-wedding-brad-pitt

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