August 16, 2016

Sure, you’re all for keeping up with the latest trends in order to nail that #ootd, but sometimes, you just want to lounge around in t-shirts and a comfy pair of jeans, or, you’re a guy. Either way, here are the t-shirts only true blue Singaporeans would understand — and find funny.

For Those Who Love Their Singlish Puns


We’re a little late to the party as these would be more appropriate during the CNY visiting season, but look, they still have perennial appeal because everybody loves a singlish pun, especially when it references the exact dish served by your friendly neighbourhood Malay food stall aunty (no kidding, they’re all nice). Plus, a red shirt’s always useful, whether you need the extra “huat” for overnight mahjong sessions, or for when you’re feeling particularly patriotic.

For Those Who Think They’re Hilarious

ThanksIndo_Men_1024x1024 MariKita_Unisex_1024x1024WhosYourDaddy_Men_Black_1024x1024

You’re the person who scrambles to have your say on Facebook, but far be it that you should post a normal gripe on Pokemon Go/MPs/Amos Yee/Jover Chew/influencers/the topic of the hour — you have to be darn smart about it, and have your friends know that as well. Which is fine if you can pull it off. These cross-cultural shirts are for you, and those who don’t get it, well.

For That Annoying Couple Who Are Definitely In Love

LittleMing_Men_1024x1024 LittleLi_Unisex_1024x1024

You can smell them from afar, from the mushy and lengthy TMI love letters they post on all forms of social media, to the same-y selfies/Boomerangs, to that overrated hand-holding-girl-with-her-back-towards-the-camera shot, and yes, those couple hashtags. But hey, none of these compare to the true #relationshipgoals couple here — the leads of our once-dreaded Chinese compositions, 小明 and 小丽, who are probably the kind of power couple every kid in school looked up to and admired and simultaneously scorned. They deserve each other, and as for your couple friends, they deserve these shirts.

For When You Want To Be Ironic About “Regardless Of Race”

RandomIndianGirl_Unisex_1024x1024 RandomChineseDude_Men_1024x1024 RandomAngMoh_Men_a945c62d-53cf-46c4-9eac-269d181c401d_1024x1024

Things are funnier when they’re obvious — these make great party gag gifts too. Just, don’t go walking into any Holland Village banks with the last one.

For Reminiscing On Those Good Old Days

EatSleepChiongRepeat_Men_67edd54f-af11-4001-99d5-3fe72be43097_1024x1024XiaoMing_Men_1024x1024 XiaoMingMGS_Men_1024x1024

Ah, to be young and carefree and also forced to study for your PSLE/other major soul-crushing examinations. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia speaking, but despite all the undue stress thrust upon us then, we can’t help but to look back on our schooling days with glee — and laugh at our failures too. That takes a hell lot of wisdom and insight, mind you. That said, they should really have the first one in a mug, if you know what we mean.

For When You Want To Jump Onboard The ‘Joseph Schooling’ Bandwagon

RandomEurasianDude_Men_1024x1024 XiaoMingACS_Men_1024x1024

… But far more subtly than certain big brands do. Now where’s that chye tow kway t-shirt??

All t-shirts, $28.90 or $29.90, available at