August 17, 2016

Say what you will, but we believe there lies a relative amount of truth in horoscope readings. Sure, they may be generalised and vague for a reason, but we can’t help but feel attached to our own sign and what we stand for. If you’re like us, you’ll want to carry on with this article as we’ll be taking you through outfits which best depict your zodiac personality.


You’re strong-willed and quietly ambitious. At times, you feel like you’re a little too mature for your own age (please let us know what that must be like) and you’re an expressive – and possibly – animated speaker despite your reserved front. You are generally sophisticated, put together and focussed in your dressing style. Without it being too over-the-top, you like to inject a subtle show-stopper – such as atypical silhouettes – into your everyday look.

7522248811_1_1_1 kamie-cut-out-jumpsuit faline-suede-asymmetrical-skirt---gray

L – R: Zara Long Handmade Coat, $229; Pomelo Kamie Cut Out Jumpsuit, $59; Pomelo Faline Suede Assymetrical Skirt, $34.


You, as an individualist, question tradition and customaries as though rebelling is second nature to you. Your negative outlook on stereotypes and labels explains your unpredictable day-to-day style. We love it when you show up in your outlandish get-ups. It must be nice to feel like a #boss everyday (due to your tendency to lead and take charge). We’d like some of that confidence too please.

5580242800_2_1_1 TS04B27KPET_Zoom_M_3 image1xxl

L – R: Zara Tulle Overshirt, $49.90; Topshop Ruffle Wrap Body, $56.90; Alter Tall Wide Leg Awkward Length Trousers, $76.


Ah Pisces, the poet of all zodiac signs. The sensitive, almost-too-delicate to a fault individual of the pack. We just want to tuck you in with a soft comforter and tell you that everything is going to be alright. Your sensitive, dreamy nature may be interpreted by others as a lack of focus, but we know its an agenda for insight and creativity.

7521256707_1_1_1  ilya-tie-wrapped-skirt image1xxl (1)

L – R: Zara Mid-length Printed Dress, $69.90; Ilya Tie Wrapped Skirt, $29; Gestuz Lulu Silk High Neck Top, $258.67.


Always on-the-go and active, it’s no surprise that the Aries species is described to be a natural born athlete. You’re absolutely charming, obstinate and tenacious, no wonder there’s never really a dull moment for us when we’re around you. We like to describe your style as dynamic; balanced yet full of vitality.

image1xxl (2) image4xxl 1165221802_2_1_1

L – R : ASOS Pleat Detail Trousers in Stripe, $141.29; ASOS Stripe Cross-back Top, $126.07; Cropped Sweatshirt, $39.90.


You’re a richly sensual person; in the best possible way. You appreciate comfort; and it’s honestly ineffable to stress the extent of how much you really love kicking back and lounging by yourself. You find bliss in all areas – a comfortable blanket, the sound of rain, the crackling noise on the radio – and we’ll always look to you when we’re in the mood for chilling out. Nobody knows leisure as much as a Taurus native.

morton-hi-lo-back-button-shirt---beige hadlee-off-shoulder-belted-jumpsuit---burnt-orange 7783679442_1_1_1

L – R: Pomelo Hi-Low Back Button Shirt, $34; Pomelo Belted Jumpsuit, $59; Zara Masculine Carrot Trousers, $89.90.


You generally take life with a pinch of salt; trying your best to never over-analyse any given situation in order to maintain your sunny disposition. We can only conclude from your burning inert desire for self-expression and intellectual stimulation that you prefer to dress smart without – as usual – overcomplicating matters.

9878152401_1_1_1 image1xxl (3) aletta-slit-dress---navy

L – R: Zara 3/4 Sleeve Frilly Blouse, $59.90; Asos Stripe Peplum Top With V-Neck, $119.55; Pomelo Aletta Slit Dress, $44.


You’re protective; of yourself, the people you care about, and – most riveting of all – objects with historical significance. Your soft spot for all things vintage and antique have left you caught up in little moments of reminiscence. You’re quite the romantic, and your calm and discreet persona serves to be extremely endearing.

7521232707_1_1_1 image1xxl (4) piera-floral-trousers---blue

L – R: Zara Printed Blouse, $59.90;Pomelo Reclaimed Vintage Button Front Minimal Jumpsuit, $86.95; Pomelo Floral Trousers, $29.


In a way, you’re very much like the symbol of your sign; the lion. Courageous , loyal, and always ready to charge ahead for the people you love. We support vanity here, especially if it means you get to look bomb.com whenever you nail every. single. outfit. And you manage to do that all the time. And how can you not? Considering how you’ve got the biggest, boldest statement looks of them all. Your statement printed ensembles pretty much describes your exuberant bursts of energy levels better than we ever will.

4043272401_1_1_1 joselyn-leopard-print-maxi-dress

L – R: Zara Printed Top, $45.90; Pomelo Joselyn Leopard Print Maxi Dress, $84.


When you take someone highly analytical and intelligent and add a strong sense of responsibility, you get a Virgo. Seriously, you guys make the best kind of friends (especially when we’re in trouble and we need to find a way out). Your love for all things clean and natural keeps you self-contained, which directly translates in your minimal, sleek style of dressing.

7522248811_2_1_1 image1xxl (5) mendoza-bell-sleeve-blouse---blush

L – R: Zara Handmade Coat, $229; ASOS WHITE Oversized Denim Shirt Dress, $141.29; Pomelo Mendoza Bell Sleeve Blouse, $40.


You’re amazing when it comes to peace-keeping. Your calm and balanced nature causes you to avoid conflict rather than go around looking to start one. Money most definitely can buy happiness (at least in your books, it does) as you’d rather lavish on holidays or experiences which make you happy as compared to material gains. Your laid back, casual go-tos are a representation of how easy and breezy you’d like your life to be.

TS26L11KMON_Zoom_M_2 ezza-side-button-denim-skirt 73010234_TG

L – R: Topshop Petite Geo Cold Shoulder Top, $59.90; Pomelo Ezza Side Button Denim Skirt, $34; Mango Skinny Noa Jeans, $39.90.


Scorpios are usually known for their intensity; in passions, relationships and goals. The dark side of life intrigues you, and you’re always ready to get your hands dirty to investigate. Oh you curious little soul, we really wouldn’t want to mess with you. You’re not intimidated by anything – or anyone, and that form of bravery shows on your risqué outfit choices.

TS04R34JCAR_Zoom_M_1 7849106800_1_1_1 image1xl

L – R: Topshop Plunge Wrap Body, $56.90; Zara Lace Camisole Jumpsuit, $56.90; Club L Overlay Bodysuit, $34.78.


The party always seems to be wherever you’re at. But your energy and adventurous nature takes you from one place to another in just one flash. Phew, slow down cowboy, we can’t keep up. You’re enthusiastic, restless and cheerful. It’s only right that your quirky, exuberant outfits reflect your infectious optimism.

image4xxl (1) kiki-denim-overall-jumper 2281100600_2_8_1

L – R: Asos Colour Block Cami Jumpsuit, $163.41; Pomelo Kiki Overall Jumper, $44; Zara Sports Sweater, $39.90.