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August 19, 2016

Daiso’s a magical place where we can get pretty much anything under the sun, from cutlery, to fake plants, to clothes for your pooch (no, really). Best part of it all, of course, is that everything is $2.

You might have noticed that Daiso has a substantial beauty section as well, one that comes fully stocked with a wide selection of makeup, skincare, body care and beauty tools. While we’re hesitant about putting $2 eyeliner and skin cream on our face, we have found a real gem of a product among Daiso’s beauty selections:

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Behold, the almighty Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge.

We’ve been using this as our go-to brush cleaner for many moons now, and we feel the need to share it with the world, since we haven’t encountered anything that is as powerful, and more crucially, as ridiculously affordable. The name might indicate that it’s to be used on puffs and sponges, but it’s really effective on anything you use to apply makeup: brushes, BeautyBlenders, spoolie brushes, you name it.

To us, its greatest strength is its ability to quickly dissolve makeup product that’s accumulated on your brush or sponge, even if you’ve been lazy and have let product accumulate on your tools for awhile. While the typical spray-on brush cleaners are great for quick cleans, we find that they’re most effective only if you’re super conscientious about cleaning your makeup tools after every single use. If you’re lazy like us and find your foundation brushes positively caked in product after a week or so, only this detergent is going to get it truly clean again.

The product comes in a form of  a clear gel, and what you do is squeeze it right onto your brush/sponge/puff. Use your hands to massage the product in, and it immediately dissolves any makeup residue. Rinse under running water, and enjoy the highly satisfying sight of all the dirty water flowing into the drain, leaving your brush/sponge/puff all nice and clean again – you might realise you’ve forgotten your brush bristles were actually white in colour under all that gunk (we won’t judge). Sure, there’s the need to wait for your brushes to dry before you can use them again, but that’s a small trade off compared to a breakout courtesy of dirty tools.

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So the next time you’re in Daiso, we recommend you sweep at least five bottles of these each time. Makeup artists have told us that get 10 or more at one go, so you’ll want to stock up as much as you can before you find yourself disappointed if they’re sold out. After all, this is only $2 a bottle, so doesn’t hurt to be a bit more kiasu, right?


Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge, $2. Available at Daiso stores. daisoglobal.com