Pokémon Burgers Down N' Out

August 25, 2016

Okay, so it’s official. The whole world has gone bat-shit crazy over Pokémon, and you know that the obsession is real when you’ve got restaurants selling pokéburgers (i.e. burgers that look exactly like Pokémon). The main culprit behind this new food trend of course is Down N’Out – a restaurant in Sydney that is the Aussie version of America’s popular In-N-Out food chain.

Down N’Out’s pokéburgers are inspired by the designs of Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander, with the flavours of each burger represented by their “type”. For instance, the Bulbasaur burger is packed with veggies like lettuce and pickles, while the Charmander one is slathered with spicy orange lava cheese. The Pikachu burger looks the most adorable for sure, with its stuffed tortilla chips and French Fries.

Ben Kagan, from Hashtag Burgers, the group behind Down N’ Out, sure knows what his favourites are. “If I feel like something fresh, I’d devour a Bulbasaur,” he told CNBC. “Otherwise Pikachu is my favourite, though it requires a long walk afterwards.”

From now till 3 September, all three burgers (priced at $15) will be on sale at Down N’ Out burgers CBD pop-up store. However, there is a catch. Customers won’t be able to pick which burgers they can purchase, and after making their orders, they’ll receive a random burger out of the three flavours.

So if you’re thinking of eating them all, you might have to part with quite a bit of dough. But don’t worry, that’s just all part and parcel of becoming the ultimate Pokémon Master.

Visit Down N’ Out’s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/downnoutofficial.

All photos from Instagram. Cover image from @hashtag_burgers Instagram.