This Working Pokéball Allows You to Both Catch Pokémon & Charge Your Phone

As if walking around for miles glued to your phone isn’t taxing enough, there’s going to be a real, physical pokéball that ‘s going to help with your Pokémon Go quest, or at least make playing the game a whole lot more realistic.
Developed by California-based software company GamerReality LLC, the controller is shaped and designed like a pokéball, and players can throw it physically, just like how pokéballs are thrown in the anime or games. That means there’s no need to flick your fingers on your mobile phone screen any longer, as throwing this controller will enable the pokéballs in your screen to move around.


The controller does that by incorporating powerful technology like an accelerometer to gauge kinetic motion, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with the app. Not only that, it doubles up as a power bank with USB ports for charging phones, and according to GamerReality, the ball should give you three full charges, before its own battery is depleted. We suppose the idea is for you to keep on playing the game as interactively and as lengthily as possible.

If you don’t quite feel like throwing the ball on the floor, motioning a throw with the controller in the palm of your hand works great, saving you a ton of trouble from bending down to pick it up. Nonetheless, if you really feel the need to throw it with force, that’s perfectly all right. The ball is made to be durable, with a solid coating of rubber that gives it a light yet firm grip.

The downside? The ball isn’t out in the market yet, as it’s still in the phase of a Kickstarter campaign. The creators are currently in talks with Niantic Labs for a partnership deal, as well as Nintendo for licensing. But if all goes well, there are plans to commence shipping of the first instalment from December onwards. That’s for the first 1000 orders though, which prices each ball at $35. The second wave of early bird promotions has the ball costing $45, while the regular price is slated to retail at $55.
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Photo & GIF credits: GamerReality’s Kickstarter Page