Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft

August 23, 2016

We usually get pumped when we see good video game trailers. But rarely have we wanted to buy a video game so badly after checking out its preview. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 happens to be that game.

The hacktivist, open-world game is set in the streets of San Francisco’s Bay Area, where players are able to explore virtual replicas of sunny beaches, crowded city walkways and towering rooftops, all the while hacking almost any kind of electrical device possible! That includes taking control of people’s cars, siphoning someone else’s batteries to charge your own phone, and even sending out mass distress signals to crowds.

Basically, you get to be king of the technological world. But the coolest thing about Watch Dogs 2 though, is that its open world gameplay is seriously smooth. Say goodbye to the burden of lagged-up online lobbies and loading screens and say hello to sweet co-op play where you can approach random players and set missions with them to cause utter chaos. Awesome!

Hacking in Watch Dogs 2

Besides the integrated co-op play, Watch Dogs 2 has a new mode called Bounty Hunter, where up to three players will chase you down if you’re too much of a troublemaker. They take you down – they get the spoils, unless you manage to avoid or eliminate them first. If that happens, you’ll be the one walking away with the rewards.

Lastly, previous modes such as Online Invasion and Team Deathmatch will also allow you to prove who the best hacker is in town, making this one of 2016’s hottest video games to look out for!

Watch Dogs 2 will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 15 November 2016. The game will launch on PS4 30 days before other platforms. Pre-order yours now at

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