PHAL The Carvery-Carving Station

August 18, 2016

You can look forward to eating all kinds of meat

That’s right. This buffet is a great way for you to unleash your inner carnivore, even more so if you’re a beef lover. There’s five different beautiful cattle cuts to look forward to at The Carvery, and these include the Cape Grim, Black Angus, Mayura Full-blood Wagyu, Zebu, and Aomori Rice Beef, with the latter only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra

If beef isn’t so much your thing, there’s still Rotisserie Chicken, New Zealand Leg of Lamb, and Crispy Pork Knuckle for you to devour on. But one thing’s for certain, there’ll definitely be more meat than you can eat, no matter how hungry you come.

There’s plenty of wine to drink

There’s no really point in eating good meat if you’re not having a glass or two of wine to pair it with, and at The Carvery, you get to choose between six labels of quality wine that are priced at $14 per glass or $68 per bottle.

Those are just the special promos though. If you want a larger selection to choose from, there’s always the 50 labels in The Carvery’s wine and champagne menu to whack.

You get to eat hot buffet dishes, a la minute pasta, and even seafood on ice

It isn’t all about slabs of meat over here. Want smaller-sized portions? You’ve got it. Just head over to the buffet section and grab some casserole, salad or fresh seafood on ice.

Need to get your pasta fix? No worries. There’s a pasta station that dishes out pastas according to your fancy. You can choose between spaghetti, farfalle or linguini and top it off with tomato, aglio olio or carbonara sauce.

Lastly, you get to chill at Aqua Luna, a swanky poolside bar located just outside The Carvery

Aqua Luna, Park Hotel Alexandra

We highly doubt that you’d have space left in your stomach once you’re done with the Great Meat Feast, but if you do, there’s poolside bar Aqua Luna to chill at. It’ll make for a perfect way to end the night, as you can let your food slowly digest over a cocktail or two. Plus, it’s a really cool place to bring a date if you have one. Think about it. You two can eat good food first, and have a nice spot to chill out at later. Perfect!

This buffet is priced at $78 (Sunday-Thursday) and $88 (Friday and Saturday), and will run from 28 September to 22 October 2016. To make a booking at The Carvery, please click here.