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August 25, 2016

We get the impression that there’s really never enough beauty products to go around, which kind of explains the never-ending evolution of face masks over the years. We’ve seen animal print masks (are we the only ones terribly afraid of these?), $400 Givenchy lace masks that we can never afford, and the ever-popular peel off masks. There’s just something about trying out different variations of super-enriched formulas on our faces that’s got us pining for more. Behold, the magnetic face mask, which has been taking over our social media feed recently with little snippets of the mask bouncing off the face onto a magnet held within close proximity. It’s almost like magic. Yes, our major freak-out moment and spewing of “OMG” were justified.

So what’s the science behind this? Apparently, the masks are made with an iron, powder-based formula which is activated by magnetic particles. The magnet lifts the mask of the skin, dragging along all the dirt and nasty junk we’ve got hidden underneath our pores (we’re referring to you, blackheads and sebum). The rich antioxidant ingredients in the mask also helps to neutralise the radicals left behind from these face pollutants before tightening up our pores after.

Talk about convenient. We’re saying goodbye to the days of bending over a sink, scrubbing away at our mask-stained faces with wet T-shirts. Inventions like these are perfect for lazy bums like us. Plus, it sounds like a whole lot of fun to use. Check out some of our top picks of magnetic face masks:


dr. brandt Magnetight Age Defier, $75.


Seacret M4: Mineral-rich Magnetic Mud Mask, $212.

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Milky Dress Black Luster Mask, USD 52.

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