August 11, 2016

“Shields up! Go to red alert.” It’s a common phrase uttered by many a formidable captain in the Star Trek universe, and as far removed as we are from space travel, hey, we can kind of relate. Every time the skies turn an ugly shade of grey and the rain gets heavier, we run for shelter – not to save our hair, not really, but to make sure our favourite pair of white sneakers stays dry, safe from the awful calamity that is… wet socks. There you go, we could do with some shields then.


converse 1

Conveniently so, Converse happens to impress us with their all-new Shield Canvas collection, fitting their chucks with water-repellent technology that leaves our feet dry even in torrential weather. While the new designs retain the old canvas and rubber that has made the All Star a household name, we’re now getting a major upgrade in the form of some fancy tech, more specifically, the Counter Climate Shield Canvas technology that does exactly what it says: shield us from the elements. On top of that, each shoe has a gusseted tongue that protects our feet from extra dampness, and a reflective heel counter for added visibility in low light conditions. Maybe they’re not as advanced as the deflector shields on board the USS Enterprise, but thankfully, we don’t have to battle with phasers, set to kill, and ruthless alien species either. Just, water. We don’t know which one’s more menacing, really.


Converse Shield Canvas Collection, $109.90 for the low cut models and $119.90 for the hi cut models, available at all Converse stores. converse.com.sg