September 28, 2016

Singapore is a café heaven; we all know that. The CBD, Orchard Road, even HDB residential areas – you name it, and there’s bound to be a coffee joint lying around somewhere. We’re a society that runs on caffeine.

However, at the Marina Bay Sands precinct, there’s an all-new café that packs way more than just normal cups of coffee. Introducing FabCafe – a creative space at the ArtScience Museum that combines the futuristic tech of 3D printing and laser cutting, with the age-old tradition of serving excellent brews of coffee.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with ArtScience Museum, a place with an unrivalled reputation for inspiring minds. Together we share a common mission – to explore the intersection of art and science, and to illuminate creative and technological innovation for everyone who visits,” said Brandon Berry Edwards, co-founder of FabCafe Singapore.


Having started in Tokyo, Japan, FabCafe is now a familiar presence in the creative and technological industry around the world, with outlets in Barcelona, Bangkok and Taipei. Singapore’s version of the popular café aims to be the go-to place for creative individuals – be they artists, designers, or members of the maker’s community.

So how will FabCafe integrate its impressive technology with its café offerings? Well, for one, visitors will be able to sample food items that have been laser-cut, or they can simply try out 3D printing over a cup of coffee. After all, the café’s goal is to help people learn about how technology changes the world, and they will be doing exactly just that through a series of programs, lectures and workshops.


Whatever the case may be; FabCafe is an entirely new concept in Singapore, and one that will hopefully revolutionise the way locals enjoy visiting cafés.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/FabCafeSG.

 All images taken from FabCafe.