September 23, 2016

We’ve found something justifiably reasonable to freak out over (an understatement). And you’ll agree with us too. Get this: FUJIFILM is collaborating with Michael Kors to launch a special edition INSTAX Mini 70 instant film camera!



Sorry, we didn’t think that shriek was loud enough – you might want to fully give this news as much enthusiasm as you can. Not convinced yet?

Just picture it for us: the much hyped about polaroid camera which has been a household staple in recent years, but decked out in metallic gold finish. It has a super sleek design which perfectly encapsulates Michael Kors’s lavished and rich aesthetic, a brand logo stamped on the front of the case body, and even the designer’s signature itself comes showcased on the camera door (perhaps a symbolic thumbs up from the fashion virtuoso himself).

The Instax camera comes with a high-performance flash which automatically calculates the brightness of your surroundings before adjusting the shutter speed accordingly. And for all you selfie lover out there, you’ll be pleased to switch mediums from Instagram to instant films now as the Michael Kors x FUJIFILM Instax camera has a smart selfie mode which promises to capture the most flattering frame of you.

Directly inspired by the Michael Kor’s Scout handbag collection (which, ironically enough, was in turn inspired by vintage camera bags), the partnership between the two brand sure is an exciting case of fashion-meets-tech. “Fashion and photography are about giving a voice to individuals as they express themselves, and this exclusive INSTAX Mini 70 by Michael Kors is the pinnacle of style and substance,” said Mark Yamamoto, President and CEO of FUJIFILM.

MICHAEL KORS x FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 70, $299. Available for a limited time only from 20 October onwards at all Michael Kors stores.