September 7, 2016

When Christopher Kane sent his Autumn/Winter 2016 collection down the runway, we knew we were in for an artistically credible take on “trash couture”. The muse behind the collection came from hoarders; compulsive collectors (which may explain the waterproof headscarves – that resembled plastic bags – the models were wearing). And so, we took it all in with an open mind – the sheepskins, furs, plastics, leather, silk, semi-precious trinkets, jewel brooches, badges, talismans, ostrich feathers and crochet flowers. EVERYTHING. And then it caught our eye. Picture this: you’re wearing army green socks, bandaged by a strip of elastic. And you’ve decided to top it off by sticking pink and green ostrich feathers into your socks such that it sprouts out like a bouquet. That’s right; those were the sneakers which made its grand debut on the runway halfway through the show. If you’re cringing at the thought of it, you can now proceed to cringe further at its price; $641.

754051_fr_pp 754051_in_pp

Christopher Kane Feather-Embellished Neoprene Sneakers, $641.

This is it guys, this right here may mark the downfall of the sneaker hype – with the emergence of Dreamworks Troll-looking sneakers which passes off as high-fashion athleisure kicks. And we’re not even finished; Fendi seemed to follow in Christopher Kane’s bold and novel footsteps to create the “Karlito” sneakers – sneakers designed to look like the creative director Karl Lagerfeld himself. The “Karlito” sneakers may appear to be a delightful colourblocking of metallic and emerald suede and patent-leather (they could have just stopped there, seriously), but that’s before they decided to throw on Lagerfeld’s signature black shaded in the form of a strap and festoon locks of bright pink shearling hair on the tongue.


566856_fr_pp 566856_in_pp
Fendi “Karlito” Sneakers, $1,567.

We have no idea where the fashion world is taking us with this bizarre feat, but we do know that we may be officially done with sneakers for now.

Cover image from @christopherkane’s Instagram.