Brighten Your Eyes with This New Makeup Trick

We’d all want to live in a world where can always get our full 8 hours of sleep everyday, but that just doesn’t happen in real life. Sometimes we’re still up working on a time-consuming project, and sometimes we’re just binge-watching shows we’ve missed out on. Well, whatever keeps us awake at night, the result is often tired, bloodshot eyes that drag your entire face down in the morning. While plenty of beauty trends come and go, looking fresh and radiant has always been the immaculate ideal. And since your eyes are the most important feature to looking bright and rested, we turn to a few makeup tricks to help us get there. At the latest Burberry S/S ’17 collection, makeup artist Wendy Rowe introduced a new eye-brightening tip that’ll have all of us updating our beauty collections.

The makeup look for the Burberry show was described as “statuesque beauty”, and statuesque is something that plenty of us Singaporean shawties could only dream of being. This makeup look meant that the models had to bear a smooth, satin-matte finish, similar to that of a marble sculpture. To create the look, she mixed two of Burberry’s concealers, using the Sheer Concealer under the eyes and the Creamy Concealer all around the nose, along the chin and between the eyebrows. Wendy then finished the base off with pressed powder.
Now, here’s the trick to getting subtly defined and highlighted eyes. She started by tracing the Burberry Beauty Eye Colour Contour Pen (in the shade Rosewood), which bears a shimmery rose colour, along the lower lash line to amp up the natural shadow cast by the lower eyelashes. She then picks up the Burberry Fresh Glow Stick (in the single shade Nude Radiance), which is a pearlescent highlighter. The Glow Stick is then dotted right in the centre of the lower lash line. If you’re used to highlighting the inner corners of your eyes, you may wanna transition to this trick instead. It’ll give you the same brightening effect, but it looks way more natural. To use these two key products, all you have to do is press the tips onto your skin and blend the product out lightly with your finger. Easy.

Burberry Beauty Eye Colour Contour Pen in Rosewood No.112
$46 each, available at Burberry counters


Burberry Beauty Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance No.01
$54 each, available at Burberry counters


Main Image: Peter Pilotto AW16, courtesy M.A.C