Bugaboo Donkey Weekender, Baby Stroller

September 26, 2016

Strollers are meant to ferry babies. They have no right to be stylish. Or so you thought.

Bugaboo’s latest stroller – the hip-looking Donkey Weekender – arrives as the crème de la crème of baby transport systems. This limited edition convertible stroller is blanketed with a suave blue-grey colour scheme, and its fashion finesse extends from its fabric, all the way down to its solid, hand-stitched leather-look handle bar.



However, good looks aren’t the only great thing about the Donkey Weekender. It has plenty of functionality too. Say goodbye to one-dimensional baby strollers and say hello to a detachable luggage side bag that you can attach right next to the sitting space of your little one. Now how awesome is that?

The detachable luggage acts as the perfect container for holding all the stuff that you or your kid needs, and besides, it’s just a really great additional fashion accessory too. That’s something we can never complain about.

Have twins? No problem. Bugaboo has got you covered right there. The Donkey Weekender can be converted from a mono stroller into a twin stroller with Bugaboo’s limited-edition duo and twin extension sets.



Bugaboo’s Donkey Weekender is available worldwide from October 2016 onwards. It’ll retail at $2,299 and can be found at Motherswork, Mothercare and First Few Years. Visit www.bugaboo.com for more information.