September 16, 2016

Your bag has got some serious dressing up to do, especially when everyone who’s fashion savvy has been flaunting their Fendi Strap You leather straps so frivolously these days. The range of leather bag straps, which can be clipped on to create a unique sartorial twist to any of your bags, come festooned in an assemblage of exotic skins, sweet leather flowers and rainbow-coloured candy-like studs. Fendi’s finally releasing the 2016 collection of Fendi Strap You purse straps, which grants us another opportunity to personalise our bags of choice with these eye-catching bright leathers. The stand-out of the collection has unmistakably got to be the strap adorned with multi-coloured leather petalled flowers. Whimsical, earthy and an embodiment of the complex workmanship of a true couturier. We’re so psyched about getting creative and acquainted withe these fun leather straps!

Cover image from @cleolynn’s Instagram.