September 30, 2016

There aren’t many brands that have ingrained themselves in Singapore’s culture quite like how Bata has done.

Who can’t remember wearing their first Bata shoes in primary school? Buying them was a ritual as local as eating char kuay teow. Schoolbooks and childhood friends aside, most Singaporeans grew up with Bata, and that’s something that’ll probably never change.

While the Czech company still provides good ol’ pairs of kicks for schoolchildren, its new Fall/Winter 2016 collection is well worth taking the time to look at. For instance, ladies can help themselves to stylish ankle boots and comfortable flat sandals. There are even the options of getting chunky mules, block heel pumps, as well as lace-up styles and Chelsea boots.


Flat Sandal


Chunky Mule


Sporty Sandal

Meanwhile, gentlemen can look forward to a gorgeous range of boat shoes and penny loafers. For sophisticated dudes, the dark knight footwear series will make you look as slick and spiffy as Bruce Wayne himself. If you want to slip on something more casual though, Bata has got you guys and girls covered with their fashion sneaker and modern classic series.


Suede Escape


The Dark Knight 

“As a company with a great history, with an iconic brand, and with a very strong footprint in many parts of the world, we’re devoted to designing, producing, and providing our customers with the best in commercial fashion footwear for the whole family”, said Bata Group CEO, Mr. Alexis Nasard.

Well, the man’s right about one thing, and that’s the glittering history of the company. 122 years of selling shoes is not to be sniffed at, and with the new Fall/Winter 2016 collection on its way, we expect them to have brisk business for a long time to come.

Last but not least, there’s good news for Bata supporters living in Sengkang. A new store has opened up at Compass One, so if you need to buy affordable and comfortable footwear, you know where to go!

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All images taken from Bata Singapore