September 27, 2016

It’s been a long running joke which everyone’s familiar with. Crocs are ugly. It’s like, a fashion rule that’s never been explicitly set it stone – but we all acknowledge its legitimacy. So yes, it’s a huge no-no to don a pair of Crocs out – well unless you’re 6 and those were the only pair of sandals mom bought for you. But a certain designer at London Fashion Week has willingly stepped up to the plate to try and challenge that notion. Understandably, fashion people lost it afterwards.



Christopher Kane collaborated with Crocs for his SS17 presentation, bedazzling the deformed clogs with oversized mineral crystals. Sorry, we need a moment to recover. Crocs just hit the runway. We can’t help but wonder: Is 2016 just one big fashion-disastrous joke? On a more serious note, the Crocs definitely looked slightly more elevated with a marbled, quartz-like print. Or perhaps it will simply because we were looking at them through Valencia filtered glasses since they just so happened to be on a runway, and matched with impressively stunning collection of 40s inspired clothing.


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“I’m a challenger, an alchemist. I always like to try and change things into gold.” said the wacky genius Kane. Hats off to you, Kane. It must be really tough to add sartorial flair to something as questionable as Crocs. And you, brave knight, have done it.


Cover image from Instagram @cosmopolitan_hk.