September 1, 2016

We’re huge fans when it comes to customising our iPhones. Quirky cases, bedazzled earphones, stickers; you name it. We try our best to show,as evidently as possible, that the iPhone belongs to US. We spend so much of our time swiping away at these babies, it’s no wonder that we feel so attached to the point where we’re more than willing to spend hundreds of dollars dolling our phones up (please tell us we’re not crazy). And if you’re tired of that boring chunky “rugged” case that’s been guarding your iPhone from cracks and knocks, we’ll take you through some of our favourite tech accessories that’ll deck your phones out to perfection. And take it from us; if your iPhone is feeling pretty, you’ll feel prettier (okay, we’re definitely not crazy).

iPhone 6 Cases


Wildflower Georgette iPhone 6 Plus Case, $58.



Lolli Swim Watermelon iPhone 6 Case, $31.

image1xxl (3)
ASOS iPhone 6 And 6s Shark Pug Case, $17.40.
image1xxl (4)
Skinnydip Watermelon Liquid Glitter iPhone 6/6s Case, $39.13.
image1xxl (5)
Pull&Bear Flamingo IPhone 6 Case, $13.02.
image1xxl (6)
Lulu Guinness Lipstick iPhone 6 Case, $76.08.
image1xxl (7)
Skinnydip Cheers Bitches iPhone 6/6s Case, $30.43.
Topshop Game Over Silicone iPhone 6 Case, $36.90.

Zara Leather Mobile Cover, $35.90.

Portable Chargers

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.28.13 AM
Typo Portable Charger, $24.99.
Topshop Pineapple Power Bank, $23.90.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.27.49 AM
Typo Silicon Charger, $34.99.

image1xxl (8)
Kreafunk aHead Headphones, $171.72.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.27.57 AM
Typo Wanderer Headphones, $29.99.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.28.06 AM
Typo Wanderer Headphones, $29.99.
Topshop Cactus Stickers, $9.90.
image2xxl (1)
Ban.Do Peekaboo Portfolio and Sticker Set, $17.39.