Do You Dare Try This Rainbow Hair Trend?

It’s like that rainbow-puking Snapchat filter entered real life, and settled itself right onto the hair of these rather daring individuals. This #hiddenrainbowhair trend has been making its way round the internet, and people are (rightfully) freaking out.

Because of the way the colours are applied on the bottom inside layers of the hair, it’s possible to style it in a way that’s all business in the front, but party at the back.
In no way are any of these colours “natural”, and they’ll require lots of bleach and several hours in the salon chair. But to get legit rainbow hair as an end result? Worth it.
This trend supposedly started in London, and hasn’t really caught on here yet. But we expect the more daring among us to attempt this soon – if you dare, you’ll get to be that girl McFly was singing about, with (seven) colours in her hair.
Main image: @hannahnoelhair on Instagram