September 23, 2016

We don’t think it’s humanly possible to resist a BB cushion with Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, or Monsters Inc.‘s Mike Wazowski on the cover – that’s why our money is on this Disney x THEFACESHOP collection becoming one of the most popular ones this year.

THEFACESHOP is no stranger to downright adorable collaborative collections (the recent Kakaotalk one also has our hearts), but by tying up with Disney, they’re speaking right to the kid in all of us. Because when you put Mickey ears on lip colours, that’s it: we’re sold.

See the entire collection below – how many of these will you be grabbing?



These three character cushions ($32 each) aren’t just jazzed up versions of existing products, but they’re actually brand new formulas. The BB Power Perfection Mickey Mouse is an ultra-hydrating formula that leaves the skin looking firm and plumped up; the CC Cooling Cushion Winnie the Pooh is also made for dry skin, leaving a soothing cooling sensation upon application; while the CC Long-Lasting Cushion Mike Wazowski is more about long-lasting coverage, smoothing the skin and covering pores in a natural finish. You’ll notice that even the puff applicators come specially designed.

mickey-cushion pooh-cushion mike-cushion

There’s also the option to load up on sun protection with the two sunscreen cushions ($30 each), which provide a SPF24/PA++ protection, if you’re not a fan of smearing on sunscreen with your hands. It comes in two different packaging designs, one featuring Mickey, the other his one true love, Minnie. Guess we have no choice but to get both then.

mickey-sun minnie-sun


Eye makeup

What’s better than eyeshadow palettes? Disney eyeshadow palettes, i.e. these Mono Pop Eyes Palettes ($33) that come in Mickey, Pooh or Mike variations on the outside packaging, and a range of six eyeshadow shades plus two lip colours on the inside, all featuring various combinations of wearable nudes.

mickey-palette mike-palette pooh-palette

There’s also the Coloring Stick Eyeshadow ($11), a crayon-type product in four neutral shimmery shades, that you can easily blend anywhere around your eyes. Add definition with the All-Proof Automatic Eyeliner ($12) and the All-Proof Mascara ($19-$25), that comes in 3 levels of water resistance: the Daily Proof is good enough for regular defence against oil and grime, the Super Proof takes it up a notch by promising to be budge-proof as well, while the Mega Waterproof is super waterproof and super volumising, lengthening and curling.

coloring-shadow-stick all-proof-automatic-eyeliner all-proof-mascara

Lip makeup

There are three different textures to choose from here: the Ink Gel Stick ($22), a moisturising lipstick with a super-saturated colour payoff; for something that goes on like more of a stain, the Watery Tint ($8) can be easily layered; or to keep things simple with a lip balm, there’s the Tinted Lip Balm ($12) in two natural shades.



Disney x THEFACESHOP Collection, available at THEFACESHOP stores.