September 20, 2016

We now know what we’ll get for waking up in vegas; a sneak peak into Katy’s new shoe collection. One of the biggest pop stars unveiled her shoe collection in Las Vegas two weeks ago, and we were blown away by the series of colourful kicks which would have made any showgirl proud. The stunning display of pom poms, fruit charms, silver stars and feathers perfectly encapsulates the pop singer’s ostentatious and bubbly energy. The shoes were a clever throwback to some of Katy’s previous hits. We seem to spot flats adorned by sequined Egyptian eyes, perhaps a reference to the Dark Horse music video? There’s also a pair of gorgeous blue stilettos with silver sparklers running through the heel, paying homage to one of her greatest hits, Firework. One of the stand-out number is the race car shoe design, which playfully reminds us of the fact that Katy’s currently on the fast lane to success with this outstanding and wearable collection.



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 Cover image from @creativejeniusreport’s Instagram.