Fujifilm Square Format Instax Camera and Film

September 22, 2016

Good news instant photo lovers. Fujifilm announced on Monday (19 September) that it’s in the process of developing a square-format instax camera and film, just two weeks after releasing monochrome film for its popular Mini series.

The next gen camera will be called the “instax SQUARE camera”, and will feature a 1:1 aspect ratio that is perfect for portrait and landscape shots. The Japanese electronics company wrote in a press release that ‘the instax square format has the potential to drastically evolve the role and presence of instant photography’, and ‘instax cameras and films will be able to respond to a broader range of photographic subjects and situations than ever before’.

Fujifilm Square Format Film

Whether this turns out to be true remains to be seen. But there’s no denying that Fujifilm has delivered when it comes to instant cameras before. Information is currently sparse on what kind of specs the new cam will have, and all we know so far is that the film will measure 85.6mm x 72mm, and the picture itself will measure 62 x 62mm.

For now though, you can check out the teaser page that Fujifilm has created for the instax SQUARE. Watch this space over here.

Visit Fujifilm’s official website at www.fujifilm.com.

All images taken from Fujifilm