Get Happy with Pharrell Williams’ Swag Adidas Hu Collab

Musician, record producer, and now clothing guru, Pharrell Williams sure is one talented dude. He’s anything but a bigot too. His latest fashion collaboration – the “Hu” collection with Adidas – features a spiffy range of footwear and apparel that celebrates cultural diversity around the world.
‘Hu is short for human – human being, human race, humankind,’ said Pharrell. ‘But Hu, itself is also a reference to color. As human beings, we all have a color. We all look different; we all speak different languages, but we’re all connected.’



Well, the guy has a point. To reflect that “cultural togetherness”, every piece of clothing and footwear in this stylish series (14 different types of apparel and five styles of shoes in total) will sport the flags, stripes, and translations of the phrase “Human Race” in English, French and Japanese.
Shoes are the big focus here though, following up on this year’s earlier release of the yellow special-edition NMD. The footwear in this collection, however, comes in colour tones of scarlet, black, sharp blue, green, and tangerine.

Each shoe will comprise of lightweight Adidas Primeknit™ uppers, Boost™ midsoles, as well as a modern lacing system that has laces woven through the stabilizer of the shoe’s cage.
Throw in an internal toe cap, a curved collar, and snazzy slogan designs, and you’ve got yourself a modern shoe that (hopefully) brings out the best in humanity. Or at the very least, educates people on the importance of tolerance.
This collection launches globally on September 29, 2016 and will be available at the Adidas Originals Store at Pacific Plaza,/ LE Vault @ 313. Retail price: $299. For more information, visit
Watch the promo video below: