September 6, 2016

No matter how many masks and pore strips we go through, those annoying blackheads just aren’t going anywhere. If you feel the satisfaction of seeing the sebum and gunk drawn out of your pores like we do, then you should definitely know about this new K-beauty skincare craze. Introducing the “Aqua Peel”. It’s a 15-minute pore-cleaning procedure that literally vacuums out the impurities from your skin – and yes, it does eradicate blackheads. But what exactly is an “aqua peel” and how does it actually work?

The process begins by placing gauze strips that are soaked in toner onto the skin to loosen sebum and dead skin cells. From there, a double-chambered skin vacuum with a rotating nozzle tip is used to push the AHA or BHA solution into the skin. This step exfoliates the skin and sucks it up, pulling out all the impurities and unwanted filth that have been partying it up in your pores. If you want to give this procedure a shot, you might actually be able to do it yourself. The at-home pore machine is currently being sold in South Korea and on Auction, but hopefully it’ll go global soon. It may not be as powerful of a device compared to those used in spas, but its compact size makes it a good alternative if you’re thinking of jumping on board the new skincare trend.



After the procedure, you’ll see a cloudy water tank filled with the impurities and small squiggles of sebum floating around that will leave you horrified and satisfied in equal measure. Be sure to follow up with a soothing mask or moisturiser after you’re done with the intensive skin treatment, particularly those with sensitive skin! So, what do you think about this Korean pore treatment?