September 12, 2016

We love to flaunt our latest DIY manicures on Instagram, and with nail art trends in full force, chances are you’re probably paying close attention to your fingertips now more than ever before. Nail polish addicts would be well aware of the little imperfections that could mess up a new paint job. Splitting, breaking, and peeling are just some of the few things that can go wrong. We can eat clean and work out to get fit and strong, but for sturdy nail beds and tips that won’t split or break, sometimes that healthy diet and gym membership just won’t do.

Our nails have an absorbent nature that makes them susceptible to multiple external factors, all of which can ruin our canvases – and that’s definitely not good news for those who love to switch up their nail colours every other day. Nail polish is notorious for making nails dry and brittle, especially if you go too long without cutting your nails some slack. With that many problems that go hand in hand with the simple gratification of a manicure or pedicure, we have to be wary of what we put on our nails. Thankfully, Sally Hansen is here to save the day once again with their new Complete Salon Manicure – Keratin Strong.



Its new fortifying formula is packed with Keratin complex, producing a protective barrier over the nails as it revitalises the most fragile fingertips. With an all-new upgrade from its previous formula and a sleek brush design, the Complete Salon Manicure – Keratin Strong actually functions as both a base and a top coat. So, all you need are two thin coats to get that salon quality finish. Regular nail polish formulas can chip off in just a matter of hours, which is unfortunate for those who painstakingly worked on their manicures. However, this nail polish promises not to flake on you, so you won’t be tempted to peel that nail polish off and further damage your nails.


See and feel your nails get smoother and up to 64% stronger as your gel-shine colour stays fresh for up to 10 days. With this many vibrant shades to pick from and that many benefits packed in a single product, we’re seriously spoilt for choice! So, go on, find your colour and flaunt your strength.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, $13.90 each. Available at leading Watsons, Guardian and departmental stores in 29 shades: 21 permanent shades, 8 limited edition shades. 

Receive a FREE manicure kit (worth $10.50) when you purchase $30 worth of Sally Hansen products, including at least ONE Complete Salon Manicure bottle! Subject to retailer’s promotion mechanic. Terms and conditions apply.

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