September 20, 2016

Whether you like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or just leaping off a plane from 13,000 feet, there’s no denying that action cams are perfect for capturing all the excitement. Finding a suitable one is the tricky part though.

That’s where GoPro’s Hero 5 Black comes in. These palm-sized gadgets – which happen to be significant upgrades over last year’s Hero4 Silver and Black – pack all the necessary features required for adventurers to record their adrenaline-busting action.


For instance, the Hero 5 Black is now fully waterproof, with a water resistance of up to 33 feet. There’s built-in GPS, voice command controls, an image stabilisation function, as well as the ability to deliver 4K video at 30 frames per second. It’s even compatible with GoPro’s karma drone. Now how’s that for awesome?

And as if the Hero 5 Black wasn’t one bona fide badass already, you can also store your photos and videos in a specialised cloud service called the GoPro Plus.

So how does it work? Well, all you need to do is plug your camera into a power source, and it’ll automatically transfer content to its servers. If you need to edit your footage, just access GoPro’s Quik and Splice apps on your mobile device or desktop. The downside? A $5 subscription fee will be charged for the online service…but that’s small change for ultra convenience.

Besides the Hero 5 Black, GoPro released the smaller Hero 5 Session, which also comes with waterproof capabilities and a voice command feature.

The GoPro Hero 5 Black is available on 2 October 2016 onwards and will retail at $590. For more information, visit shop.gopro.com.

All images taken from GoPro