September 9, 2016

Made your Dropbox account before 2012? Well, you might want to take a look at this. According to Motherboard, hackers in mid-2012 stole over 68 million account details from the cloud storage platform. The tech magazine received the leaked database from the breach notification service Leakbase.

The hack was also confirmed in a blog post by Dropbox, which you can read here.

“If you signed up for Dropbox before mid-2012 and reused your password elsewhere, you should change it on those services. We recommend that you create strong, unique passwords, and enable two-step verification. Also, please be alert to spam or phishing because email addresses were included in the list,” the company wrote.

A Dropbox spokesperson told Motherboard that the company has not witnessed any evidence of malicious usage of these accounts.

Still, if you want to check whether your account details are safe, you can visit haveibeenpwned.com to find out. The website will fill you in on data that has been compromised by hackers.


For extra security, you can change your Dropbox password via this link. It’ll also be worthwhile enabling two-step verification while you’re at it. Better be safe than sorry we say.

Check Dropbox’s security and privacy page at www.dropbox.com/help/topics/security_and_privacy.