September 22, 2016

With the recent premiere of Scream Queens season 2, we’re completely dazzled by Chanel Number 1 and her fellow side chicks’ style. They may be obnoxious with a sharp – and sarcastic – tongue horrifically evocative of those mean girls we’ve encountered in secondary school, but we’ve got to admit that their super-pink designer wardrobe is to die for. Here’s a look at some of our favourite pieces that’ll land you in the Queen Bee’s good books.

Fur Coats

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L – R: Jakke Tammy Faux Fur Coat, $255; Oasis Coat, $97.82; Topshop Luxe Fur Coat, $172.


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L – R: Nastygal Cut Outta Here Velvet Jumpsuit, $141; Zara Velvet Dress, $45.90; Boohoo Velvet Dress; $43.47.

Sequined Skirts

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L – R: Glamorous Sequin Skirt, $65.21; TFNC Midi Skirt, $32.61; Forever21 Sequined Skirt, USD 15.99.

Tie Necks

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L – R: Fashion Union Shirt Dress, $54.34; Eyelash Lace Shirt, USD 19.90; Ruffled Tie-Neck Blouse, USD 22.90.

Party Frocks

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L – R: ASOS NIGHT Deep Plunge Aline Metallic Mini Dress, $97.82; ASOS Lace Shift Dress, $97.82; Lashes of London Prom Dress, $45.65.