September 5, 2016

If you’re in London this month, and you love to cook, here’s some good news for you. IKEA is opening up a DIY restaurant called “The Dining Club” at their Shoreditch outlet from 10 to 25 September, and up to 19 diners will be able to take over a dedicated space to make their own meals, just as how they would in their own homes.

“We bond and connect over the everyday process of cooking meals together so to celebrate this firmly held belief, we are opening The Dining Club to bring people together to enjoy a meal from beginning to end. This will take place in an environment that reflects a homely kitchen, so you can host a dinner party for all of your friends,” said Ellie Pniok, commercial manager for Ikea Food, in a statement.

According to Mashable, you’ll be able to construct and personalise your very own menu, and pick from a selection of sharing dishes and Scandinavian classics. There’ll also be an expert chef present, so no worries if you’re afraid you might screw up the cooking.

Best part is, this unique dining experience is free of charge. But do make reservations as quickly as possible though, because slots for places are filling up fast. If anything, we hope IKEA Singapore does something similar in the near future, but with a localised version. It’d be great making our very own Nasi Lemak or Laksa dishes don’t you think?

Make your bookings now at www.ikeathediningclub.com.

Top image credit: IKEA