September 8, 2016

Surely you’re just as obsessed with all things Korean beauty as much as we are. From the advanced skincare routine to amazing makeup tips, K-beauty is certainly getting all the buzz it deserves, providing us with answers to our skin and makeup woes. In this humidity, that shine-free complexion can be hard to achieve, but there’s a new beauty hack from Korea that will help your skin stay matte and flawless all day no matter how hot it gets.

The technique is called jamsu, which translates to “diving” or “submerging”. Apparently, a Japanese beauty blogger sparked the trend, but it quickly gained traction and became a Korean beauty sensation. It’s very similar to the baking method, but it’s got a little extra step towards the end. First, you should go about your normal routine of primer, foundation, and concealer. Then, pat on a handful of baby powder or any loose powder you own onto your face and allow it to settle on your skin for about 30 seconds. You should also feel slightly ridiculous at this point. Now, here’s the trick. Fill the sink with cool water and submerge your face into it for around 30 seconds (or less – we don’t want any suicide cases on our hands). Finally, gently pat your skin dry, et voilà – a smudge-proof, flawless makeup base. You can then continue with the rest of your makeup routine.

Vogue’s Monica Kim gave the Jamsu method a go and reported back with great results. Not only did her skin look matte and even-toned, the additional makeup she applied following the experiment glided onto her skin easily. However, if the thought of submerging your face in a basin full of water daily scares you, you can substitute it with a very liberal spray of facial mist to dampen your powder instead.

Would you try this bizarre makeup trend that’s taken over Korean beauty?

Main Image: Esteban Cortazar A/W ’16, courtesy M.A.C