Leica Officially Announces the Sofort, Its First Instant Camera

As we reported a few days ago, industry insiders leaked that Leica was developing its first instant film camera. The German optics company confirmed the news yesterday (15 September) when they announced the Sofort, a compact snapshot camera that makes use Fujifilm Instax Mini Film.
So what can instant photography enthusiasts expect from the Sofort? Well first off, the new camera will sport an exclusive Leica design, and will come in orange, white and mint colours. In terms of features, users can expect a variety of preset modes such as Automatic, Selfie, Party & People, Sports & Action, Bulb, as well as Macro.

Leica Sofort Orange

Leica Sofort White

Leica Sofort Mint

Shooting options include multiple exposures, time exposures, self-portraits and a self-timer. There’s even a mirror on the camera’s front that’ll help you compose your face nicely for selfies.
Leica Selfie

Instead of white borders, Leica’s Sofort instant film will use warm cream borders for its film to give a nostalgic effect, and there’s the choice of getting the standard colour film or monochrome film. As for accessories, you can jazz up your Sofort with colourful Leica straps and cases, or flaunt your pictures at home with the special Sofort photo display, storage box (three-piece set) and photo album.
The Leica Sofort will retail at USD$299 from November 2016 onwards. A colour film pack will cost USD$13, while monochrome is priced at USD$16. Visit Leica’s official website at sg.leica-camera.com
All images taken from Leica