September 15, 2016

Nothing beats the feeling of walking out of a salon with a head full of fresh hues. However, the time it takes to get those highlights done is a whole other thing. So, when we first heard that there’s a hair lightening wand out there that promises to lighten hair in minutes without causing damage, it definitely perked our ears. The professional brand Pravana has created The Blonde Wand, a handheld device that’s engineered specifically for processing hair dye quickly to reduce the damage caused by standard colouring.



It may sound a little too good to be true, but it’s backed up by some serious science and proof. Here’s how it’s used: a colourist would paint creme lightener on sections of the hair and wrap each section with foil. Then, The Blonde Wand is used to pass over the foil a number of times, which would depend on how light you wanna go, and speed up the removal of pigment using heat. However, the wand’s plates won’t actually touch the foil, it’ll hover about an inch above and below it, using its ventilated blades on the sides to disperse the right amount of heat to expedite the lightening process without harming your strands.



Traditionally, bleaching your hair would require you to sacrifice time as well as the health of your hair. But The Blonde Wand would be one of those products that’ll really change the hair-colouring game. Bleached hair that’s easy to achieve and feels soft and healthy? This wand will literally give you the best of both worlds. But don’t get any DIY ideas just yet. The Blonde Wand will only be available to hair professionals, and for a good reason. Hair lightening is an art form that has to be monitored by experts in the industry to ensure the right amount of lightening is achieved.

It’s estimated that thousands of salons will have these wands to play with by this November, so let’s hope the tool makes it way across international waters to save the day.

Main image: Fausto Puglisi A/W ’16, courtesy M.A.C