MacOS Sierra: Here’s 6 Things You Should Know

Ah, the MacOS update. It’s that time of year when Apple decides to shake up its operating system to give users a smoother, and more satisfying experience. The only difference this time being that there are no new Mac computers to introduce the software with.
Code-named Sierra, the update comes as a sort of refresher and will be available for download from today onwards. The software will be pre-installed in Mac’s future line of computers, but if you are a current owner, here are six things you should know before sprucing up your computer system.
Siri’s Coming to Mac
Yes, that’s right. The original, computer-generated voice control function will be hitting MacOS after the Sierra update, the first time it’s available on a platform other than iPhone. So how can users make the most of Siri? Well, first things first, the desktop version of Siri can help you search for files easily – by type, date, or keyword. You can also check the weather, sports scores, stock prices, etc. In order to use Siri, click on the Siri icon on the dock, or use Cmd+Space.
iCloud Gets More Convenient
If you’re a big user of iCloud, here’s some good news for you. Your life is about to get a whole lot easier with the new MacOS Sierra version of the storage system. Previously, documents folders of different files weren’t automatically synced. Now they will be. All you need to do is place a file on the desktop of one MacOS, and it’ll appear on another OS a few seconds later. This is ideal for people with multiple computers.
Unlock Your Computer with Apple Watch
Is this a little gimmicky? Yes. But it’s still a pretty cool authentication option for Apple Watch owners. To make this work, your watch has to run on WatchOS 3, and both your computer and watch need to be signed into the same Apple ID. After that, you will need to complete a setup process that involves two-step verification and one-time passwords.
There’s Now Apple Pay For The Web
Apple’s latest version of the Safari browser comes equipped with Apple Pay, making online shopping hassle-free for frequent users of the digital wallet. There are over 300,000 participating websites, including Gilt and Lululemon. All that’s needed for you to make a purchase is authentication with your iPhone or Apple Watch.
Photos Have a Memories Function
Can’t find old photos for some reason? Not to worry. Apple’s latest MacOS Sierra update has got you covered with its new Memories feature in the photos app. This feature basically identifies faces, objects or scenes by utilising advanced computer vision. There’s also the “Brilliance” editing tool that brightens dark areas and adds highlights.
Messages Are Bigger
With bigger emojis, invisible ink, as well as interactive messages, there’s now even more reason to look forward to chatting with friends with the new-and-improved desktop version of the popular messages app.
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