YEVO 1 Wireless Headphones

September 2, 2016

These days, wired headphones are a bit of a hassle. They’re often tangled up no matter how neatly you coil them, and when you’re walking too fast, they might get caught in random objects by accident. It’s annoying, to say the least. While wireless headphones aren’t the most revolutionary product in the market at the moment (they’ve been around for quite some time), YEVO’s new headphones look like the gadget that’ll propel your music listening experience into the future.

Introducing the YEVO 1, wireless headphones that are the brainchild of Stockholm-based electronics company, YEVO Labs. These sleek beauties are jam-packed with all the latest features that any music lover would appreciate – think Bluetooth 4.1 technology, a frequency range up to 20kHz, and noise cancellation capabilities. Basically, in terms of audio output, the YEVO 1 is pretty legit.

Battery life is herculean at 20 hours per charge, while a specialised phone app allows you to customise your sound however way you want. For example, you’re able enhance your bass, control the amount of audio you hear, as well as balance the volumes between the left and right ear bud! And as if these tech specs weren’t enough to geek us out, the YEVO 1 looks like a real charmer too. The headphones are available in two beautiful colours – a sexy onyx black, or a cool ivory white.

YEVO 1 Onyx Black

Onyx Black

YEVO 1 Ivory White

Ivory White

We’ve always gone against the grain, shrugging off critics that condemn its ideas as ‘too difficult to execute’ or to ‘easy to work’. We view technology as a function of quality and we’re movingly passionate about pushing boundaries. With YEVO 1 we believe this will change how people experience headphones,” says Andreas Vural, founder and president of YEVO Labs and Happy Plugs.

Audio-wise, most listeners wouldn’t have any complaints with the YEVO 1. As for the design, its petite size makes it almost like an additional accessory rather than traditional earphones. So if you’re looking to upgrade your music listening experience, or just find a gift for your significant other, you probably won’t go too wrong with the YEVO 1.

The YEVO 1 is retailing at USD$299. Pre-order yours today at