September 26, 2016

Now that’s an ironic title. As we’re pretty sure the main function of pills is to prevent that, right?


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In all Moschino-esque provocative language and satirical fashion, we’re presented with a new capsule collection inspired by medication – or specifically enough, drug packagings. It’s a fun-filled, action-packed series of colourful garments and accessories which are bear the creative device of drug instructional inserts such as “Shake Well” and “Warning, before taking medicine check with your pharmacist”.

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Medicine graphics can be seen across T-Shirts, dresses, and even tracksuits. A pill bottle is reimagined into an orange shoulder bag while a PVC blister clutch bag holding three-dimensional coloured pills made an appearance fresh from the Moschino SS17 runway itself. There’s also a series of irresistible iPhone covers which realistically resemble blister packs and pill bottles. Ah, that’s sure to cure our “need-for-everything-fashion-related” syndrome.

Moschino’s SS17 Capsule Collection, $53 – $937 . Available online at, Moschino Paragon and Moschino Shoppes By The Bay.