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September 1, 2016

Years after the BB cushion exploded onto the scene and became basically one of the biggest beauty trends that ever existed, the brands are still launching them and we’re still collecting them –  which just goes to show how integral a part these cushions continue to play in our makeup regimes.

But can we say that… we’re getting kinda tired of them? Don’t get us wrong, we still think cushions are great and very necessary as a base makeup item. The thing is, though, cushions tend to feel the same after awhile, so we feel like we’re ready for something new and revolutionary to shake up our make up a little.

And that’s exactly what Clio has given us with its new Kill Cover Stamping Foundation. It’s as straightforward as its name: you stamp it on.

clio model

The gorgeous Kong Hyo Jin, Clio’s ambassador, showing us how to use the Kill Cover Stamping Foundation.

How this works is that the creamy formula is stored under a flexible double-layer net; to dispense, you tap the sponge onto the net, and an appropriate amount of foundation will be dispensed onto it. It won’t be a large amount of product, so there’s a lot less chance of wastage; but if you need more coverage, you can always tap on the net a few more times.

clio mesh

Then there’s the very intriguing stamping sponge. Upon first look, we’re kind of reminded of a chess piece; but when we hold it in our hands, it’s firm yet with a nice and soft flocked surface. It’s flat on the bottom so you can cover a wide surface area of skin with each stamp, and rounded on the top to use on facial contours like the sides of the nose and around the eyes, to ensure those areas get even coverage as well. For touch up purposes, no fear about having to tote this rather bulky sponge around everywhere, because each product also comes with the regular flat applicator usually seen in cushion compacts.

clio stamp

As for how it actually looks on the skin, it goes on naturally radiant – no worries about going overboard on the dewiness here, such that it becomes more like a bad case of mid-day shine. We’ve learnt that when it comes to base makeup, most of the time it’s best to stick to a texture that looks as close to natural skin as possible, with just a bit of glow.

Verdict: This is no passing trend. We believe the stamping foundation is here to stay and is set to become a whole lot bigger, because we see it as an upgrade from the traditional BB cushion application: with the stamping sponge, the firmer texture allows a more even coverage, while the sponge’s unique contours get the hard-to-reach areas of the face. The net dispenser is also a winner in our books, as less product wastage is always welcome – we don’t want our foundation constantly running out in no time.

To go with the Kill Cover Stamping Foundation, Clio also offers a range of other complexion products that form a well-balanced meal for your skin, with the following Clio Morning Beauty Booster Recipe. The Kill Cover Egg Pore Primer is like the appetiser, creating a poreless surface for subsequent makeup to go on as smooth as a dream, via a creamy and comforting texture that helps with moisturising the skin as well. After the Kill Cover Stamping Foundation goes on, round off your skin’s meal by setting it all in place with the Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact, which helps keep makeup even and glowing all day long. Lastly, as a refreshing drink of water, the Micro Fine Oil Control Fix Mist keeps the excess sebum at bay, and your skin hydrated with each spritz.

clio base products

Clio Morning Beauty Booster Recipe


How Clio’s base products act as a sort of healthy breakfast for your skin.


So, we called it: stamping on your foundation looks set to be the next big thing. You’ll want to get on board this trend early with Clio’s version, then.


$17.90 to $39.90, available exclusively at Watsons. Enjoy 20% off selected Clio products, see details in store!