September 29, 2016

It’s difficult not to love MUJI. The Japanese retail company is constantly pushing the boundaries of design, be it through their innovative products, or by simply inspiring other people’s work.

So it wasn’t really a surprise when they held an exhibition along with design mag Underscore last month. The event titled “Working Space” featured a medley of quirky inventions by prominent local artists, with the theme of ‘Living in a Garden City’.

Still, there’s no better way to experience the sensibilities of MUJI than by checking out their stores firsthand. If we had a store to pick though, it’d be their new outlet at ION Orchard. The recently revamped space is now 30% bigger than it was before renovations, with a diversified range of products for visitors to look forward to.

For instance, there’s the ReMUJI product line that is exclusive to MUJI ION Orchard. The initiative – which attempts to respect the balance of nature – comprises of aging garment stocks that are re-dyed, and re-purposed instead of being discarded. The ‘new’ collection will then be sold at a lower price.



Visitors can also look out for MUJI’s new Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection, which features an organic cotton double knit series and kids print clothing line that can only be found at ION. Also, if you’re not too sure on what clothes work for you, there’s no need to worry. MUJI’s got Styling Advisors ready to guide you on dressing choices, from colour matching to outfit layering, so you can be assured that you’ll look your best.


With that said, there are definitely plenty of things to see and do at MUJI’s new ION store. And if you’re not a MUJI fan by now, who knows, you might just leave feeling like one.

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All images taken from MUJI.