September 19, 2016

We’re not ashamed to admit it; this 3 year old style icon in-the-making sure knows how throw us off our sartorial game with her ever-so-luxe fashion moments. Who could forget the time North emerged from ballet class donning a diamond necklace and a pink fur coat, looking as though she might bully us with sarcastic remarks and shade thrown towards our hideous outfit choices – total Chanel Oberlin vibes. We’re just kidding, the toddler always looks sweet and on point (or when she’s at ballet, en pointe) whenever she’s out on the streets in head-to-toe Yeezy, or with her frilly post-ballet tutus. Let’s review the moments when North West completely put our outfits to shame (warning; if you have a weak heart, this may hurt your self-esteem just a little).


She did it better than any of us 90s style lovers did. Here’s North West slaying it in a soft gold velvet slip dress and choker which we can easily picture “Instagram Girls” such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin photographed in as well. That’s the perk of having Kim Kardashian as your mom; you get to look like a mini supermodel.


North slips on a super chic lace slip dress and fringed leather jacket paired with baby Yeezy boots. Nothing screams “fashionista” better than this adorable rocker look.


North looks like a complete bad-ass who’s ready to dominate every Disney Land attraction in her Thrasher hoodie and ripped denim shorts. Here’s a toddler who’s ready to hold the reins of supreme street style.


Considering Kim’s undying loyalty to the fur coat during New York Fashion Week, we wouldn’t put it past her to dress our little darling fashion muse of the late in what looks like a weighty leopard print winter coat. Completing her outfit with an edgy graphic tee and lace-up boots, North has never looked more lavish and cool. We just can’t get enough of Kim’s mini-me!

There’s no doubt about it; North is looking on fleek in this rose quartz fur coat and ballet ensemble. We’re starting to think that Kim may have caught an episode or two of Scream Queens, as the head-to-toe blush pink outfit looks like it came straight out of Chanel Number One’s closet.


That’s right, we’re one of those who are fervently obsessed with Nori’s post-ballet outfits. And you can’t really blame us, just look at how stylish this Yeezy-inspired camo outfit is. We don’t see a lot of olive green leotards and tutus at the ballet store, but we might after the world gets a hold of this. We can only dream of looking this fancy post-workout.

North West take NYC 💜

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Outfitted in an oversized grey hoodie and bling necklace, North West looks like she took some style advice from dad with this adorable cool casual outfit. We might just have been schooled by a 3 year old on how to look effortlessly chic in baggy sweatshirts.

Cover image from @kimkardashianwest’s Instagram.